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Big Island Lemon Law in Hawaii

Are you looking for a lemon law lawyer to help you get rid of your lemon car or lemon truck on the Big Island in Hawaii? You've come to the right place. Do you live in the Hilo area and own a lemon?

Whether you got your bad car or truck in Hilo, Kalaoa, Captain Cook, or anywhere else on the Big Island in Hawaii or one of the other Hawaii islands, we can help you get rid of a bad car or a bad truck or other bad motor vehicle. Are you tired of driving around the Hawaii Belt, trying to find an honest dealer who can fix your lemon?

Manufacturers selling their cars and trucks in the Hilo area and elsewhere have been getting lemon law claims filed by our law firm for more than 30 years over lemon cars, lemon trucks and other lemon motor vehicles. Our experience and reputation can count in your favor.

Before you let an inexperienced attorney handle your case, ask how long they've been helping consumers fight manufacturers who build lemon vehicles — with our experienced Hawaii islands lemon law attorney, you can count on experience to help get rid of your lemon vehicle.

We have helped consumers fight car manufacturers over lemon vehicles for over 30 years and that’s longer than practically any one else. If you live in Hawaii County and need Lemon Law help to get your money back or a new car to replace your old lemon car or truck, we can help.

Do you own a lemon car or truck that is a lemon and live in Kalaoa or Waimea or Papaikou or Captain Cook or elsewhere on the Big Island? If you need experienced Hawaii Lemon Law help, you are at the right place.

If you bought a lemon car from a Big Island dealer, or a lemon truck from a Kalaoa truck dealer, or a lemon motor home in Hilo, or if you were ripped off by a local dealer, contact us. Email, fax, or phone us on our Toll Free Big Island Lemon Law Hotline now (1.888.331.6422). Chances are, our experienced island lemon law attorney can help you.

Don't be mistaken by lawyers who handle all sorts of cases and don't have much (if any) experience fighting vehicle manufacturers. Or attorneys who have never had a case under Hawaii's strong and unique consumer protection laws. You could end up wasting a lot of time and money, while a less experienced lawyer is learning how to handle your Lemon Law case.

If what you need is serious help from a serious Lemon Law lawyer, contact us right now. That’s what we are and that’s what we do.

We don't write wills. We don't handle accident cases. We don't take care of criminal cases or real estate either. We file claims for consumers against manufacturers over lemon vehicles. Lemon cars. Lemon trucks. Lemon rv's. Lemon motorcycles.

If an unfair manufacturer ripped you off, or if you bought a lemon from a Hilo area car dealer, or if you were taken advantage of by a manufacturer on the Big Island Island, contact us. Odds are, we can help.

Did you buy a new car or new truck, rv or motorhome, from a Chevrolet dealer? A Honda dealer? A Toyota dealer? A Scion Dealer? A Hilo Mazda dealer? A Subaru dealer in Hilo? Or a Nissan dealer in Hilo?

How about a Dodge from a Kailua Kona dealer? Or a Chrysler or Jeep? Did you get a lemon Nissan from a Captain Cook area car dealer? Or a Hyundai that turned out to be a lemon? Did you get a lemon new car or new lemon truck or a Hilo area new car dealer or a dealer in Kailua Kona? Did you end up with a lemon BMW or a lemon Lexus or a Mercedes that is a lemon car?

If you bought a lemon car or lemon truck or lemon motor home, contact us. Email, fax, or phone us now on our Toll Free Big Island Lemon Law Hotline (1.888.331.6422) right now. Chances are, we can help you.

Did you buy a used car or used truck from a Hawaii island dealership that turned out to be a lemon? Has your dealer failed to fix your defects? Are you tired of going back and forth to your dealership for more and more repairs that just never seem to get done right?

If you bought a lemon car on the Big Island, or a lemon truck in Hilo, or another lemon motor vehicle, contact us. Email, fax, or phone us on our Toll Free Big Island Lemon Law Hotline (1.888.331.6422) right now.

We can help you. Getting rid of lemon vehicles, and getting your money back, is what we do.

This web site is not related to, affiliated with, sponsored by, or have anything to do with any car dealer or manufacturer at all. If you are looking for a specific car dealer, you can go to their web site. We don’t do any work for any car dealers at all. That’s our promise to you.

Not all car dealers are bad. Not all car dealers are good. But then again, we don’t think that all car dealers are completely honest either. That’s why we’re here. If you’re a victim of a dishonest or unfair car dealer, we are here to help you get your money back. Because life is too short to put up with a lemon car or a lemon truck. And life is too short to put up with being ripped off by a car dealer too. Cases from Hawaii are handled by our experienced affiliated attorney licensed to practice law in Hawaii with the aid of an experienced Lemon Law Claims staff.



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