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Most attorneys take this type of case on a contingency or semi-contingency basis. Some attorneys require you to pay a retainer of hundreds or thousands of dollars. Some attorneys take a portion of your recovery out of your buyback award. Some attorneys charge you an hourly rate. All of that means money out of your pocket. We don't do it that way.

We provide free Lemon Law representation.


Hawaii allows you to recover attorney fees and the federal Lemon Law does too. That's why we just simply make the manufacturer or dealer pay our bill. There is no fee or cost to you for our services. Our philosophy is easy to understand. If you’ve got a lemon motor vehicle, or if a car dealer has lied to you, then you should not have to pay a fee for an attorney to represent you. It's as simple as that!


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More room here to tell us your story. If there is information you feel we need to know that we have not asked above let us know here.

Repair Orders and Sales Documents

If you have your documents scanned in and saved to your computer you can upload them to our office here. We will need to see your repair orders and your sales documents.

If you do not have your documents available on your computer you can also fax and mail them to us.

Fax: 888-331-6422

Mail: Burdge Law Office, 2299 Miamisburg-Centerville Rd. Dayton, OH 45459
Email us your documents by attaching them here.
Email us your documents by attaching them here.
Email us your documents by attaching them here.
Email us your documents by attaching them here.

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